Summer Fun During A Pandemic

Looking, Sexy, and Creative things to do while our summer time may be a lot different this year with COVID-19 still in the midst, and no vaccine to currently be found. Well there is no need to worry, we have a few great indoor ideas for you, your friends, your partner during this pandemic. 

Covid-19 doesn't have to ruin your time summer believe us! Below is a list of fun and creative ideas that you can in the comfort of your OWN HOME: 

  • Wine & Sip 
    • Group Size: 1 or More
    • Visit a local Walmart, Target, or Five Below 
    • Things Your Need:
      • Canvas
      • Easels
      • Acrylic Paint 
      • Paint holders 
      • Wine
      • Snacks 
    • Game Night with Small Peers/Family 
      • Group Size: 1 or More 
      • Games: 
        • Uno
        • Clue 
        • Spades 
        • Tunk 
        • Jumanji 
      • Bowling 
        • Yes! Bowling Pull out your old WII system and play bowling, tennis, Dance Off and More! 
        • Also a Great way to get a little workout in also! 
    • Zumba 
      • Zumba is a fun way to dance and exercise all at the same time 
    • Take Up Little Home DIY Decor Projects 
      • YouTube is full of content to help you remodel your home or office. 
    • Date Night In The Backyard
      • Ladies we know how we like our guys to do thoughtful gestures… well you can too! Plan a little picnic in your backyard with his favorite food and dessert and I bet you’ll be thanking us later! 
    • Cooking Lessons
        • Record your favorite Food Network Epoide or even look it up online. Get the ingredients at local store w/ a nice bottle of wine. Prep the food. and Get READY TO COOK! Have Fun and invite your GIRLS OR YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHERS to help you cook ( Its a great date night idea, trust future hubster has tried it many times) 

We hope these ideas were helpful as summer is a time to create fun and amazing moments with friends and family. Let us know  if you like any of the ideas or if you have a few fun ones yourself! 

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