The Creation of Heiress Luxe

It is hard to believe that just six years ago I was confiding to a friend about my dreams of owning a hair business, and just 4 years later I would create and open Heiress Luxe Hair Boutique. Starting Heiress Luxe Hair Boutique was the most incredible thing I could ever do, but the process in itself was tedious; from coming up with name, creating a website, creating logo, and developing the brands true identity. 


When I was drafting, and contemplating on the name for the company I knew three things, I wanted my brand to symbolize Royalty, Confidences, and Quality. 

Growing up in a single parent home, my mother always would advise me that I was a Queen and that their were standards a queen should always possess; First the Queen has to be intelligent and know how to lead and inspire the people to push the limits so their greatness can show, Second, She would remind me to remain classy in difficult situation to always remain sharp, and Third, The queen is only the queen when all her people are doing well. She believed as queens our home is our kingdom and we determine how that home succeeds . And I believe that, so I wanted a brand that encouraged my fellow peers and uplifted woman to know just how valuable they are as Queens. I wanted them to know that they are Heiresses to a Kingdom, Their Kingdom.  I wanted to empower our queens who work hard to build their empire, who wanted to achieve greatness! My hair is quality to hair for the women, who have dream and is reaching for the stars, our hair is for the woman who works hard to support a corporation she believes in, and for the star who is piecing together her path. Our hair is 100% human hair and the quality of our tresses can last up to 3 years if properly taken care of, which will allow each woman to be able to keep her hair in the midst of creating, dominating, and inspiring others while achieving, her dream. 

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